Three Straights and You’re Out

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.07.11 2 Comments

Taiwan’s New Media Animation videos are popular because they look like a cross between actual news and the “Tiny Fuppets”. They’ve also got a weird ability to cut to the truth by showing the situation they’re covering as ridiculous bullsh**, something most news organizations won’t do, even during things like “Weiner-gate”.

Their newest effort, about a lawsuit filed against a gay softball association for not allowing bisexual people into their league for not being “gay enough,” is a great example. You’d think a gay softball league would be big on inclusion and creating a gay-friendly softball league for well-meaning, like-minded people, rather than an actual “gay softball league.” Also, I thought women’s softball was already the gay softball league. Kidding, kidding.

But enjoy the video, because it says more about the situation than I ever could, especially during the part with the bisexual detector.

[H/T Off the Bench]

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