Tiger Woods’ Two-Month Break From Golf Is Over And He Will Play In The Masters

Tiger Woods
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In the span of only two months, Tiger Woods’ game has apparently gone from chipping like a drunk dad on Father’s Day (where he would later admit to tweaking a butt muscle) to taking a leave from golf to being well enough to participate in the 2015 Masters.

From TigerWoods.com:

“I’m playing in the Masters,” Tiger said Friday afternoon. “It’s obviously very important to me, and I want to be there.

“I’ve worked a lot on my game and I’m looking forward to competing. I’m excited to get to Augusta and I appreciate everyone’s support.”

Tiger recently dropped out of the top 100 in World Rankings for the first time since Sept. 29th, 1996 when he had only been a pro for a month, so he could use a good showing. Which at this point means just making the cut, but based on his recent events, it seems unlikely.