Josh Donaldson Called Tim Anderson ‘Jackie’ During Saturday’s White Sox-Yankees Game

Tensions boiled over during Saturday afternoon’s game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson and White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson, who got into it with one another last week during a game in Chicago when Donaldson appeared to push Anderson off the bag while trying to tag him out, had several run-ins with one another during the game, including one moment where Donaldson got face-to-face with Yasmani Grandal and Anderson ran in from shortstop, which led to both teams’ benches emptying.

At another point, the two got into it again after the final out of an inning.

After the game was over, White Sox manager Tony La Russa said that Donaldson “made a racist comment” towards Anderson. This was eventually confirmed by the All-Star infielder, who told the press after the game that Donaldson “made a disrespectful comment, you know, trying to call my Jackie Robinson, like, ‘what’s up, Jackie?'”

“I wasn’t really bothering nobody today, but he made a comment and it was disrespectful,” Anderson said. “I don’t think it was called for, it was unnecessary.”

Donaldson spoke about it after the game. He first claimed this was a joke between them before claiming he was trying to diffuse a situation.

Donaldson went on to say that he apologized if this was taken as disrespectful. Regardless, it is obvious that this isn’t an inside joke and Donaldson is very much in the wrong here.