Tim Boetsch Beats Johny Hendricks Down At UFC Fight Night: Oklahoma City

Johny Hendricks recently followed up several failed welterweight weigh-ins and losses with a move up to 185 pounds, and the future started to look bright for him again. A win over Hector Lombard had us thinking maybe ‘Big Rig’ had turned a corner! But at UFC Fight Night Oklahoma the old Big Rig showed up: overweight by two pounds and outclassed in the cage.

Tim Boetsch proved himself a bit too slick and heavy for Hendricks to handle, keeping out of the big lefts thrown by Johny and countering effectively through the first round. In the second he uncorked a massive headkick that hurt Hendricks and didn’t let him recover, beating him down for a solid win and putting Johny’s future back into question mark land.

Boetsch has been hot and cold in his UFC career, but looked great in his win over Hendricks with crisp boxing and movement that kept him just out of Hendrick’s reach for the majority of the fight. It didn’t help Johny’s situation that he still hasn’t developed more than his well-known overhand left, leaving him a predictable opponent for any fighter to prepare for. It seems like Boetsch did his homework, and as a result he was able to put away the former welterweight champ with surprising ease.