Tim Tebow Has His Own Super Plain Sandwich

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04.03.12 3 Comments

When the Denver broncos traded Tim Tebow to the New York Jets two weeks ago, the New York sports media responded exactly how we knew it would:

But beyond the made up rumors of Tebow plotting to oust Mark Sanchez like he’s the modern day Santa Anna, there has been equal, slightly-more-legitimate excitement from NYC businesses, as Tebow’s star power means that marketing and merchandising are easier than ever. As we previously discussed, our friends at Rick’s Cabaret have already offered Tebow his (presumably) first ever lap dance, and now the Carnegie Deli is giving the Jets’ backup QB his very own sandwich.

Somewhere, Mark Brunell dripped some tears on his bankruptcy papers.

The sandwich consists of pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise piled high on white bread, according to the CBS report.

“Seventy-five years, we’ve always made sandwiches on rye bread,” Carnegie’s Sandy Levine told CBS. “This time, we put it on white bread and we used mayonnaise, not mustard. This is sacrosanct in delis, but we realize who Tim Tebow is. He’s an outstanding citizen. He’s the all-American boy.” (Via People)

I love how Levine is acting like she defied the Magna Carta by using white bread for this boring sandwich. Seriously, white bread and mayo? Does it also come with club soda and a copy of Reader’s Digest? Perhaps I can eat it in my Ford Focus while my homemaker wife gives me a handy with a rubber glove on. Regardless, the sandwich weighs four pounds and costs $22, so the excess and inflation totally nail the All-American theme.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Jets are going to be the subject of Hard Knocks again, so maybe Tebow can help Antonio Cromartie by preparing some flashcards.

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