Did A Time Traveler Go To 1995 To Film A Random Mike Tyson Fight?

Someone watched Mike Tyson’s 1995 fight against Peter McNeeley and noticed something rather unusual. Well, unusual in the sense that this fight is from 1995 and it sure as heck looks like someone in the crowd is using a smartphone.

The evidence: at one point during the fight, a spectator held up a big white square thing that had a camera lens on it. In 2016, that sounds like someone is using an iPhone, a Galaxy, or something similar. But in 1995, cell phones were pretty uncommon, and those who had cell phones didn’t have devices with cameras in them yet.

But still, take a look at this thing…

That absolutely, positively looks like someone is holding up a smartphone. Not just because it looks like a phone, but when you’re taking pictures of something on a stage (or, in this case, in a boxing ring) you have to hold your phone up like that.

Unfortunately for those who think there are shenanigans afoot, the person behind this video and the fine folks at Metro think they have an answer to this question. Sadly, no one went back in space and time to a random Tyson fight…probably. Instead, their answer is that some digital cameras looked like this back in the day.

But you know what? We’re going to go ahead and guess that this is time travel, regardless. So if you’re the person with the smartphone in this video, do us a favor and go into the future next time. We really want to know if the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor superfight actually happens, and also if you can hook me up with the Powerball numbers for every week from now until 2050, that would be awesome.