Today In Facekicking: Laurent Koscielny Gets Rockette-Kicked In The Face

Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny has won the title of “least fortunate soccer guy of the day” for this clip of him getting straight-up karate struck in the mouth by Fenerbahce’s Pierre Webo. Koscienly collapsed to the ground in agony, but, although he stumbled a bit to regain his balance, Webo wobbled, but he didn’t fall down.

Our soccer tag has been dangerously low on guys getting kicked in the face lately. I mean, sure, we featured an Ecuadorian player trying to bite off his opponent’s nose, Neymar flopping during a promotional event and Liverpool’s hilarious “how to be racist” brochure, but every now and then soccer stories need to go back to their roots, which are always “guy gets kicked in face.”

Please join us after the jump for a frame-by-frame analysis of how this kick went down.



“Oh come on, he never hits that.”

[h/t Dirty Tackle]