Tom Brady Made A Wild 9/11 Joke At His Netflix Roast

While Sunday featured a pair of Game 7s in the first round of the NBA and NHL playoffs, much of the sports world’s attention on later in the day was focused on Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady. The future Hall of Famer, for whatever reason, signed up to get lit up for a few hours by various comedians and former teammates and coaches live on the streaming giant.

It was a pretty wild event, reminiscent of the golden age of Comedy Central roasts as the comedians and athletes that hit the stage all let it absolutely rip. Brady’s divorce was frequently brought up, as was Deflategate, and Julian Edelman and Bill Belichick both seemed to use this as an excuse to get some things off their chest about Brady’s longtime trainer, Alex Guerrero.

However, the wildest joke of the night might’ve belonged to Brady himself, as he took to the stage and gave it right back to everyone. Among them was Drew Bledsoe, who Brady famously replaced after an injury to Bledsoe and never gave that job back. Few probably expected Brady to come at Bledsoe by way of a 9/11 joke, but he certainly did just that.

“Like the rest of America, I’ll always remember where I was that fateful day in September of 2001, when tragically, those two Jets…slammed into Drew Bledsoe.”

I think this is made even crazier by the fact that Brady got up and told Jeff Ross “don’t say that sh*t again” when he made a joke about Robert Kraft getting busted for solicitation at a Florida massage parlor, meaning Brady’s line of joke tolerance has 9/11 coming in before his old boss’ indiscretions.