Tom Brady Told Jeff Ross ‘Don’t Say That Sh*t Again’ After A Robert Kraft Massage Joke At His Roast

Tom Brady has an extremely strong argument as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. He won seven Super Bowl championships (appearing in 10), five Super Bowl MVPs, and three NFL MVPs over his two decades in the NFL with the Patriots and Buccaneers. He made an outrageous amount of money and is set to make even more over the course of a monstrous deal with Fox to be their new lead broadcaster — if he doesn’t try to make another NFL comeback this fall.

All of this is to say, Brady should not be in a position where he’s desperate to say yes to things like a celebrity roast. And yet, there he was on Sunday night sitting on stage as comedians (and Drew Bledsoe) tore into him on stage live on Netflix, looking like he was not exactly enjoying himself.

While Brady’s football career is unassailable, his personal life is not, and if he thought certain things would be off limits then he was very mistaken. There were plenty of divorce jokes, which he probably expected, but the line he seemingly drew in the sand was when Jeff Ross made a massage joke about Robert Kraft. Brady stood up from his seat, walked over, and very much not jokingly said “don’t say that shit again” to Ross.

Kraft, of course, was charged with solicitation in 2019 after a sting at a Florida massage parlor, but pled not guilty. Ross, who showed up for the roast in a “Roast J Simpson” jersey, has never met a line he wouldn’t dance over, and Brady was clearly not pleased with that — and it briefly looked like we might have a Will Smith-Chris Rock moment.