About Time Somebody Gave Tom Brady Sh*t For His Horrible Regional Accent

05.30.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

The latest clip from Funny Or Die starring New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not only funny, it’s a pretty solid metaphor for the creative process.

In the video, Brady goes into a store looking to buy some shirts (because Giselle likes shirts) and gets nothing but hassle from the guy he asks for help. No matter what he does, the sales clerk tells Brady he’s got a thick Boston accent and just makes fun of him to his face about it for five minutes. Eventually Brady gives up arguing, screams in his face and storms away. For a moment the guy wants to follow Brady and fight him, but gives up immediately.

That’s the creative process in a nutshell. You’re just trying to provide a service (or exchange money for goods and services, as it were) and the people listening to you decide you do something terrible and won’t stop announcing it. No matter how hard you argue they’ve made up their mind, and eventually all you can do is scream GOD DAMMIT in their face, knock over a cardboard cutout of the important person (you) and leave. When you do, they feel challenged and want to “take you down a peg”, but ultimately do nothing.

It’s been a hard writing day. Video is below.

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