Tom Brady Should Just Retire And Live Off Of Gisele’s Fortune

When Tom Brady dumped his girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, while she was pregnant a few years ago, I couldn’t believe what a dick he was. But then he started dating super duper model Gisele Bündchen, and I was like, “Yeah that makes sense now” because if being arguably the best quarterback in the history of the NFL isn’t enough, Brady can soon lay claim to being married to the world’s first billionaire model.

At least that’s what pace Gisele is on now that she has released her own lingerie line for the Brazilian company Hope. Think about that the next time you brag that your wife showed her boobs for free drinks at Chili’s.

After the 40-piece collection hit stores across Brazil the fashion retailer Hope reported a 40 per cent increase in turnover.

Now, the range is expected to be a hit with shoppers worldwide.

And with her products endorsements and business ventures earning a total of £29 million last year, Bündchen is now believed to be on track to becoming the world’s first billionaire supermodel. (Via The Daily Mail)

I’m just going to lay this out there for people to debate – Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen > Jay-Z and Beyoncé > David Beckham and Sporty Baby Scary Ginger Posh Victoria Beckham. I don’t even really think it’s debatable. Find me a bigger power couple than a franchise QB with 3 (possibly 4+) Super Bowl rings and a 31-year old billionaire supermodel wife whose abs could crack a diamond.

More importantly, though, I want to bring attention to two things:

1) As the Daily Mail points out, 26-year old model Bar Rafaeli is already poised to follow in Gisele’s footsteps. So if I’m Aaron Rodgers, I’m thinking it’s time to flash a little discount double check in her direction.

2) Leonardo DiCaprio has dated both Gisele and Bar, and he dumped them both before they hit their primes. Far be it for me to criticize Captain Poonhound’s dating strategy, but has there ever been a guy with worse timing? He’s like the Miami Dolphins quarterback of dating models.