Tom Brady’s Suspension Has Been Overturned By A Federal Judge

Tom Brady And Roger Goodell Return To Court Over 4-Game Suspension
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Don’t look now, but we may finally be close to a resolution to the seemingly endless DeflateGate saga that has dominated NFL headlines for much of the past eight months. After Tom Brady and Roger Goodell failed to reach a settlement in federal court, Judge Richard M. Berman wrapped up the proceedings by nullifying Brady’s four-game suspension. The NFL will reportedly appeal the decision in circuit court, so this whole mess might not be quite over yet.

Goodell and the NFL originally handed Brady a four-game ban after an extensive investigation conducted by Ted Wells concluded that the Patriots quarterback “more likely than not” was aware that footballs used in the AFC Championship game were under-inflated. The league also ruled that Brady was uncooperative during the investigation, destroying a phone that may have contained content that could have been used as evidence.

But, with no “smoking gun” or hard evidence to prove his involvement in the air-pressure violation, Brady challenged the suspension by appealing and bringing it to federal court, where Judge Berman heard the arguments from both sides before deciding on his ruling.

At long last, the epic power struggle between superstar and league brass seems to be over. You know, at least until this thing goes to the Supreme Court.