Tom Brady Had The Perfect Response To Tony Dungy Saying He Was Only The 6th Toughest QB To Coach Against

Tom Brady has aged about as well as any quarterback we’ve ever seen, and while he isn’t as consistent in Tampa as he was in his prime in New England, he still has the Bucs on a playoff trajectory with the knowledge that, once in the playoffs, he is as good as there’s ever been.

There are plenty of ways people measure the GOAT debate, but for most everyone Brady is extremely high on their list, in part due to what he did to other top contenders during his time with the Patriots. The Indianapolis Colts are among the teams that Brady’s Pats kept from getting to the Super Bowl more than twice in the Peyton Manning era, as they beat Indy twice in the postseason with Peyton and twice later with Andrew Luck.

So, when former Colts coach Tony Dungy was asked what quarterbacks he felt were the toughest to coach against, it came as a rather large surprise that Brady wasn’t atop the list — or even in the top 5.

That clip made its way across Tom Brady’s desk and the future Hall of Famer had a pretty tremendous response, simply posting a picture of one of the Colts’ “AFC Finalist” banners.

That year they lost to Brady and the Pats, and while Dungy wasn’t the coach then it’s still a pretty hilarious clapback because, well, Brady sent Dungy home from a conference championship game (and a divisional round) in back-to-back years.