Tom Brady Made A One-Handed TD Catch Because It’s Training Camp

It’s been a slow news month for Tom Brady. Maybe it’s the start of training camp, but it seems like the Patriots in general are flying under the radar. Well, this is not much, but at least it’s a nice little reminder that the Patriots are a team that plays football, and they occasionally do so in a tricky fashion.

This is a fun little trick play, in which Brady hands off before leaking out and catching a pass off a reverse to Julian Edelman. I know it’s the start of camp, but the defense really fell asleep on this one, allowing Brady the space to reel in the pass one-handed. It’s a fun play, but of course the very existence of this film means it will never happen in the regular season. The element of surprise that Bill Belichick craves has been lost.

(Via Barstool Sports)