Topps Is Giving 50 Cent’s All-Time Worst First Pitch Its Own Baseball Card

50 Cent's all-time worst pitch
Getty Image

With the 2015 Major League Baseball season right around the corner, we’re in store for yet another year of celebrities and notable personalities taking the mound for the time-honored tradition of delivering the first pitch. Of course, the majority of celebrities have never thrown a baseball in their lives, so it has become a pastime of sorts for us to watch and unofficially grade them all based on factors like form and accuracy. Specifically, we like to judge them by how far their pitches bounce from the plate, because the greater the distance, the more we can point and laugh.

No celebrity made us laugh harder in 2014 than rapper/actor/stock market genius 50 Cent, whose pitch can’t even be described. You just have to watch in awe as this ball is seemingly pushed away from home plate at Citi Field.

Simply remarkable. A first pitch like this should not simply fall victim to the short attention span of this internet era, even though it’s hard to believe that his name won’t be mentioned every time a celebrity picks up a baseball in 2015. Fortunately, Topps has made sure that we won’t soon forget this incredible baseball moment by turning 50 Cent’s bad pitch into its very own baseball card.