A Blue Jays Fan Hurled A Full Can Of Beer At An Orioles Outfielder

Associate Editor

You’ll never believe this, but a Toronto Blue Jays playoff game is getting chippy. The Blue Jays and the Orioles were tied during the bottom of the seventh inning of their AL Wild Card Game, and Melvin Upton hit a fly ball to the warning track in left field. Hyun Soo Kim went back, caught the ball, and recorded the out. Nothing crazy, right?

As it turns out, Kim had to avoid getting hit with a beer can thrown by a Blue Jays fan. Fortunately it didn’t hit him, but as you can see, the projectile still got his attention after he made the play.

Understandably, the Orioles – namely center fielder Adam Jones and manager Buck Showalter – were beyond furious. Not only was this dangerous from the fan, but by doing it mid-play, this was going to end up being fan interference even if Kim didn’t catch the ball. So really, this person didn’t fully think this strategy through, which shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone when they consider that this dude threw a dang can of beer onto the field of a sporting event.

If any of you are reading this and you are in the Rogers Centre, please do not throw any cans of beer at anyone. Actually if you’re reading this in general, don’t throw cans of beer at anyone. It’s really not cool.

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