Trick Shots Videos And Imagine Dragons Techno Remixes, Together At Last

Study question: What is the Bro-est (or “most Bro”) aspect of the following video?

– That it features a collegiate baseball team performing basketball trick shots
– The fact that they’re clearly not good at trick shots, so every time they land one they flip out like they’ve just won the lottery
– The 40-second, slow motion, black and white intro video with all their Twitter handles

I’ll leave you to figure that out (spoiler alert: it’s the Imagine Dragons song) as you watch Northwest Nazarene University’s ‘Baseball Cru’ throw in basketballs from very far away and occasionally ride in on props. Highlights include a guy batting in a shot from the stands with a baseball bat, a shot from an armchair that holds just a little too long to make the joke work and more WUH-HUH-HUH-HOOOOO than you’ve ever heard in your life.

I’m waking up I FEEL IT IN MY BONES