Things Got Awkward When This TV Host Called Out A Surfer For Texting His Girlfriend On Live TV

02.16.15 3 years ago 5 Comments

Danny Clayton is a TV host for Channel V, a music television station in Australia. Kolohe Andino is a 20-year-old American surfer, considered by many to be a rising star in the sport. During an interview with Channel V’s Carissa Walford, Clayton called out Andino for texting his girlfriend, model Zoe Cross.

“I have some tips for Kolohe too actually. Stay the f*ck away from my girlfriend. I’ve seen the texts you’ve been sending her and they’re making her feel uncomfortable. But thanks Carissa.”

Well that’s awkward. Not long after, Zoe Cross, the receiver of said texts responded on Twitter.

PRO-TIP: Don’t do an interview with a guy if you’re secretly hitting on his girlfriend. That’s a bad idea.

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