Twilight Fans Gathered To Break Least Surprising World Record

Forgive this escape from sports for a moment, but as always I will use the disclaimer that world records are competitive and can therefore be included on this site. Anywho, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Electric Boogaloo Part 1 was released on DVD in England over the weekend, so one promotional company, under the belief that Twihards needed extra incentive to go to great lengths to show their obsessive loyalty, decided that the occasion was perfect for a world record attempt.
That record? Longest gathering of “brides” in one location.
You see, my inside sources on Crazy Single Women Island tell me that the marriage of Edward and Bella takes place in Part 1, so it makes sense that girls would buy wedding dresses and gather in one place – HMV Oxford Street – to take pictures with cardboard cutouts and one Edward impersonator, who doesn’t exactly look like the type to use this to his advantage, if you catch my sparkly drift.
As with all Guinness World Record attempts, it will take a few days to determine whether or not the Twilight faithful were successful in defeating the previous record holders, who I ignorantly assume live in Utah.

(Images via Getty.)