How The University Of Alabama Birmingham Took To The Streets To Bring Back Football

09.11.17 2 years ago

To be bowl eligible in college football you have to win six games. In 2014, UAB’s football team became bowl eligible for the first time in ten years. In college football, ten years is an eternity. The 2014 season was an accomplishment to be celebrated, but instead that celebration was short-lived. Just days after defeating Southern Miss and becoming bowl eligible, UAB football players learned that the football program would be shutting down.

For the players, the unthinkable had happened.

“I wanted to transfer. I wanted to give up on football,” Shaq Jones UAB linebacker said. “I even had spouts of depression when I thought I wasn’t even gonna finish school.”

The abrupt decision left so many thinking, ‘How did this even happen?’ UAB president Ray Watts explained that they couldn’t keep up with the costs to keep the program competitive. They would need almost $50 million dollars. But that large number didn’t turn students and the community away. Instead, they came together to find a solution. Just hours after the heartbreaking news, students took to the streets with signs rallying to show their support of the team.

“Putting that UAB jersey on every week is awesome, but it’s not about that ‘UA’ on there, it’s about that ‘B,'” Ty Long UAB kicker said.

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