UFC 144: Edgar Vs. Omega Shenron

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.22.12 4 Comments

UFC 144 Japanese promoAnd here I thought a parody of the Brady Bunch theme was how they’d make me an MMA fan.

Please enjoy this Japanese promo for UFC 144: Edgar Vs. (Florence?) Henderson, which combines South Park’s “Let’s Fighting Love” with animated fight footage and some tried-and-true anime tropes — giant eyes, speed lines and ring girls straight out of Magic Knight Rayearth.

The nerd in me wishes they’d subbed in Lord Il Palazzo for Dana White and maybe had Brock Lensar slowly fill with light and explode when Alistair Overeem kneed him in the spleen, but whatever. I’m just happy with the accuracy of “protect my balls” UFC interviews and Rampage Jackson in the locker room with a couple of 11-year olds.

[via YouTube user UFCStannFan1]

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