UFC 165 Promo Features Charlize Theron, Exploding Heads & Secondhand Embarrassment

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.17.13 6 Comments

UFC 165

UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson is going down at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on September 21, and UFC knows exactly how to get you pumped: roughly $17 of special effects, appropriation of an already kinda concerning meme and big celebrity guests like Mr. F.

I can’t even begin to count the ways this is embarrassing. Here, watch it for yourself:

1. The Tag Line. “It’s so big?” Really? I can’t wait for UFC 166: I Keep Hitting Your Cervix And It’s Starting To Hurt and the follow-up, UFC 167: Can We Take A Break.

2. The exploding princess meme. In case you missed it, a guy on Tumblr decided to edit it so a bunch of actresses’ heads exploded for no reason, because “art” but also probably because of other reasons. That became exploding Disney princesses. Concerning implications aside, you are the UFC, guys, you can drop more money into the advertising budget than “convince the Tumblr guy to do it for free.”

3. Big time celebrity guests! 50 Cent is here! So is Charlize Theron! UFC fans LOVED The Cider House Rules. Just LOVED it. Anyone else? No? Just them? Cool.

I’m gonna watch you, UFC 165, but I swear, if Arianny Celeste’s head explodes out of nowhere I’m gonna get so mad about it on the Internet.

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