UFC Fighters VS. A Soccer Mascot’s Nuts. Who Ya Got?

Fighters Luke Rockhold and Daniel Cormier took in a San Jose Earthquakes soccer game, palled around with the mascot a little and participated in the ceremonial First Goal, which is like the first pitch at a baseball game, but with your legs. As if guided by the hand of God himself, one of the kicks sent a soccer ball crashing into a big fuzzy blue guy’s genitals, and good lord, how would I not blog that?

UFC fighter Luke Rockhold didn’t score the ceremonial “First Goal” at the San Jose Earthquakes’ match vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC, but he did leave his mark by drilling club mascot ‘Q’ in the groin. Fellow UFC fighter Daniel Cormier did find the net with his attempt.

More like Luke Cuckold, am I right?

Daniel Cormier’s next stop is his UFC debut against Frank Mir at UFC on Fox 7 on April 20. Rockhold’s next stop is his UFC debut against Vitor Belfort at May’s UFC on FX 8. Q’s next stop is the infirmary, assuming they have some kind of mascot version of that, and assuming the mascot infirmary is mature enough to repair a dude’s junk.

[h/t to Maggie at Cagewriter]