UFC Glitches Narrated By Fake Joe Rogan And Mike Goldberg Are Awesome

Associate Editor

For some odd reason, glitches in video games are spectacular. For example, the compilation video of glitches from Skate 3 is as hilarious as it is disturbing, and it’s hard to point out exactly what makes it so funny.

This video is another example of how great videos involving glitches in video games can be. It’s from EA Sports UFC, which came out last year and apparently features some of the best glitches that you’ll ever see. The video features commentary by Fake Joe Rogan and Fake Mike Goldberg, and while they aren’t exactly spot on in terms of how they sound, the two narrators do sound as excited as Rogan and Goldberg when they call fights.

While picking a favorite is tough, the one of Demetrious Johnson getting suplexed by Ian McCall despite being stuck outside of the ring, then climbing through the cage to get in and punch McCall in the face is especially great.

(via Deadspin)

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