UFC Live Discussion: Fight Night 33 – Mark Hunt Vs. Bigfoot Silva

Last we heard from UFC Heavyweight fan favorite Mark Hunt, he was having an operation performed on the gigantic, gaping hole in his leg that just thinking about makes me want to faint in a puddle of my own tears. Of course, that came after his incredible loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 160, in a fight that basically ended the 39-year old’s quest for a title shot. Obviously, dos Santos went on to lose to Cain Velasquez in his own epic title shot, but that’s all in the past.

What’s actually at hand tonight at UFC Fight Night 33 on Fox Sports 1 is an interesting bout between Hunt, a fighter who has dropped out of the Top 10 of the UFC’s Heavyweight division, and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, who is looking to get another shot at Velasquez after the champ defeated him by a first round TKO in the main event at UFC 160. The interesting aspect is that Silva and Hunt are friends who used to train together, and they never really wanted this fight to happen. But Silva sees the bigger picture, and he expects to not only defeat Hunt, but he plans to make him tap.

(GIF via Zombie Prophet)

As for the rest of the card, well, flip a coin. I’m looking forward to seeing how Bethe Correia handles her UFC debut, as the 6-0 fighter takes on the far more experienced Julie Kezie, who is probably looking at a pink slip if she loses again. Other than that, let’s hope for the best from a lot of guys we’ve barely heard of and some other guys who need to get back on winning tracks. Most importantly, let’s enjoy some free fights.

Check out our best friend Lobster Mobster’s handy dandy fight primer here, and then join us at 6:30 PM ET for the lone online preliminary, followed by the Fox Sports 2 prelims at 7 PM ET and the main card at 9 PM ET on Fox Sports 1.

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