A Phillies Fan Was Tossed By The Ump After Yelling A Not Nice ’69’ Joke At Him

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Would you believe that there was a particularly obnoxious fan at a Philadelphia sporting event on Tuesday night? Shocking, but true! Yet this fan earned himself a unique place in history for his brand of belligerent yelling — he was ejected from the game, not by security, but by home-plate umpire Bob Davidson. Just like the pros do!

Apparently, this freakin’ guy — whose name might as well be This Freakin’ Guy — spent the sixth inning yelling “You suck” at Davidson incessantly, and it was understandably getting on the ump’s nerves. Then, the fan unleashed the line he had probably practiced hundreds of times in the mirror. Props to Davidson for giving the full quote to reporters too:

Listen, we’re completely on Davidson’s side here — it must have been miserable to sit near that guy while he was carrying on — but that burn was a pretty #nice one. Oh, and in case you were wondering if umpires really have the power to eject a fan from the stadium, *whispers* they actually don’t.

So, it appears Davidson went a little drunk with power. That’s fitting, though, since the offending fan was probably drunk on alcohol.