Missouri Students Blocked The Westboro Baptist Church’s Protest Of Michael Sam

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02.17.14 11 Comments

Stand with Sam

On Saturday, the Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team welcomed the Tennessee Volunteers for some friendly SEC action, but the Vols weren’t the only opposing people making the trip to the Mizzou Arena. Instead, the festering worm anuses known as the Westboro Baptist Church brought their world famous brand of repulsive hate to Columbia to protest former Mizzou football player Michael Sam’s announcement that he is gay. As always, the WBC had signs calling for the death penalty for homosexuals and claiming that soldiers are dying because of gay marriage. You know, freedom of speech and all that.

But since you can’t legally walk up to these people and kick them in the balls or throw hot coffee in their faces, people have had to get a little more clever in fighting them off, and Mizzou students handled themselves accordingly. Hundreds of students showed up to form a human wall around the arena so the Westboro voice couldn’t be heard. Although, if this photo from KSDK is any indicator, I think that the WBC’s membership numbers are hurting.

Despite the cold weather and the warmth of a college basketball game beckoning them, the students seemed to have generally enjoyed their efforts.

Stand with Sam 2

Stand with Sam 3

And someone even brought this adorable doggy.

Stand with Sam 4

Sam was actually at the game, too, but I’m not sure that he heard the ignorant ramblings of four people outside of the arena when it was so loud inside.

(Images via Mizzou’s Facebook)

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