TV Azteca Perfectly Trolled Donald Trump In This Video Mocking The U.S. Soccer Team

On Oct. 10, the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team will take on Mexico in a huge game to decide who gets to play in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, a big international tournament which always serves as a tune-up for the World Cup the following year. It adds stakes to what is already the biggest rivalry for either team, what with the bordering nations and everything.

Smack talk in a rivalry gives wide swath to what’s fair game for a fanbase, so if anyone is going to come at the USA, Donald Trump is as easy a target as it gets these days. With that in mind, this commercial on Mexico’s TV Azteca deserves a hearty “well played” from American soccer fans. The commercial intercuts footage of Trump’s jingoistic rant about Mexican immigrants with clips of Mexico defeating the U.S. in soccer and Mexican players dominating the MLS.

It doesn’t take much to make Trump look stupid (he often doesn’t need any help), but come on, Donald, you’re just gonna say, “The American dream is dead,” and let them use that against us? With any luck, this will start an escalating war of trash-talk commercials between American and Mexican TV until it all comes to a head on the pitch next month.

(Via FTW)