Vandy Mascot Goes Senile, Gives Kid Bloody Nose

It’s well-known that the majority of mascots are f-cking annoying, and the Vanderbilt Old Guy (I don’t care about f-cking Commodores, so you’re now Old Guys) fits right in with that sentiment. At a basketball game, the Old Guy decided to pump up students by smacking one of them in the face in a pretend fight. I’m assuming the Old Guy didn’t have any depth perception, because he clocked that kid and made him forget what dregs of Finite Math he hadn’t already lost due to a Keystone-and-pizza diet.

Bloody mascot carnage after the jump.

Look at that son of a bitch smile as he watches the kid mop up his bloody nose with newspaper. That’s not right at all. Then again, this Vanderbilt Old Guy doesn’t have anything on Gnarlz, one of the mascots for my college. That motherf-cker will throw the UNH flag through your windshield in the name of school spirit. You probably know his brother. They’re scary when they’re drunk together.

Via SportsGrid.

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