Watch This 17-Year-Old F-1 Racecar Driver Walk Away From An Insane Crash

Max Verstappen is the youngest World Grand Championship Prix driver in the history of the sport. At 17, the Belgian-Dutch wunderkind entered the Circuit de Monaco with a crazy track record of ripping up the streets of Europe in every kind of car. He was on his way to earning championship points on the elite track when his left wheel popped completely off its axel.

Grosjean moved over to block Verstappen’s pass, but the Toro Rosso driver tried to cut inside the curb anyway and hit Grosjean’s right rear wheel, sending him flying into the barrier. (via)

Verstappen was likely trying to pass Roman Grosjean with an aggressive move that probably cost him a peak position. It certainly cost Lewis Hamilton a chance at a win, as his car was left in third place after the accident. Hamilton couldn’t close the gap.

Luckily, it cost no driver his life despite the high speeds and instant shock of the mishap.

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