VIDEO: Things Got Pretty Insane During These Muay Thai Fights

Muay Thai doesn’t get a ton of coverage here on Uproxx Sports, which is a shame, since it is a super fun, ultra exciting combat sport. Lion Fight 20 went down on Friday, and if these spectacular highlights can’t convince you to check out Lion Fight 21 in March, you’re probably already dead.

Here we have Jo Nattawut throwing an excellent front kick to the face of Richard Abraham. It’s also called a teep, which you might have heard Mike Goldberg scream hundreds of times during UFC broadcasts.

Up next is John Nofer landing a big elbow that gave him a TKO victory over Jason Andrada. And you thought elbows were only used to cut!

Gaston Bolanos’ devastating spinning back elbow to Caleb Archer ended the fight in the third. That’s some devastating art of eight limbs. Jeeze!