Vin Scully Shares A Wonderful Story About Don Mattingly’s Tribute To Yogi Berra

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Living legend and Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully took time during Wednesday night’s game to talk about Yogi Berra, someone he called “one of the sweetest men” in baseball. Scully shared a story about why Don Mattingly chose not to wear a windbreaker in honor of Yogi.

“Don Mattingly played with him, knew him so very well. Don normally wears a windbreaker, but he is not wearing the windbreaker tonight. He is proud to wear No. 8. That was Yogi’s number when Don played with him in New York. It was the one number he wanted and, as Mattingly says, ‘Everyday, I put that uniform on. I look at the number eight and I think of Yog.’ Yogi Berra, one of the sweetest men and one of the great players, overshadowed by some of the great names in Yankees history.”

Nobody tells a story quite like Vin Scully.