A Virginia Tech Player Is Wearing A Gold Watch During Game Action Against Ohio State

Virginia Tech running back J.C. Coleman is having a big game against Ohio State. No, not because he’s putting up stellar numbers – he only has 27 yards on eight carries through the first half. Instead, Coleman’s having a big night because he’s taking over the Internet thanks to his interesting wardrobe choice, as he’s rocking a gold watch on his right wrist during the game.

If you think he dropped a small fortune on the gear, don’t worry. Twitter’s resident brand ambassador Darren Rovell did some sleuthing and identified it as a $150 G-Shock watch that is permissible because it’s made of plastic.

Why is Coleman doing this, you might ask? He actually has the best logic of all time behind it.

The Hokies have a 17-14 lead on the Buckeyes at the half. No matter what happens during the second half, even if his team ends up losing, Coleman is tonight’s biggest winner.