Vitor Belfort Thinks a Fight With Nick Diaz Would Be Cool, And We Agree

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Vitor Belfort may be out of middleweight title contention at the moment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some very interesting potential fights out there for the 39 year old veteran. Vitor himself was more than willing to play matchmaker for himself in a recent interview, suggesting several options that should give fight fans tingles to contemplate.

“Nick Diaz is a good fight,” Belfort said. “I would like this fight. He’s a guy with good boxing and good ground game, so it will be a good challenge.”

He also expressed a willingness to rematch Anderson Silva, which is a fight that has nearly come together several times over the past few years. “I never had anything personal against Anderson. Quite the opposite,” he said. “That fight with me changed the history of MMA. I know how important that fight was. But it’s a fight fans absolutely wanna see.”

Belfort had two other fighters on his potential hitlist. He wouldn’t mind avenging his loss at the hands of former champ Chris Weidman. And he knocked out current 185 pound champion Michael Bisping with a headkick back in 2013, so of course he’d love another crack at him. But call us crazy … we really want to see Belfort take on Nick Diaz.

It can be in Brazil. It can be in Stockton. Heck, it could be in Nowhere, Nebraska and we’d still tune in to catch that action. Let’s hope the UFC is listening and puts that scrap together.