Vitor Belfort Is A ‘Values Enforcer’ For God In The Strangest Video Of The Week

Churches are having a tough time lately with people who can’t stop falling asleep, getting up to use the restrooms or checking their phones, according to the young man and his hair in this video you’re about to watch. It’s a problem that is very distracting to the messengers of God, as they try to spread the word of faith in helping their followers lead better lives. So what better way to get people to shut their bladders and phones off during sermons than by threatening violence?

North Carolina’s Elevation Church enlisted UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort to play the role of the “Values Enforcer” in this strange knockoff of the old Reebok Terry Tate commercials, as “The Phenom” threatens to break the bones of anyone he catches falling asleep in his church. Because as it says in the Bible: “Thou snoozeth, thou loseth feeling in your extremities.”

Vitor Belfort: The Values Enforcer from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Oh viral marketing, you never cease to be hit or miss.

(H/T to Cage Potato)