Von Miller’s New Tattoo is Awesome

If football ever comes back, Von Miller will be a Denver Bronco. He was taken number two overall in this April’s NFL Draft, and if this was a normal year, we might be talking about how he was named a finalist for the Hendricks Award (for top defensive end) and a semifinalist for the Butkus Award (for top collegiate linebacker). Unfortunately for us, we have a lockout and a Twitter, so we’re stuck trying to figure out exactly what the hell this guy is happy having on his … what is that, his arm? For the rest of his life.

Try to play it like “Classic Concentration”. Melon, dollar sign. Melon dollar? Million dollar? Okay, chicken, partially eaten chicken leg, and a ghost. Million dollar chicken ghost. Sh:t, I haven’t even touched the fact that it starts with Pac-Man. Okay, let’s let him tell us.

It’s not finished, doe. Hopefully he just draws in the missing bite of chicken and that’s it. I also wasn’t aware that Blinky from Pac-Man was a “hater,” although I guess that makes sense. Was the goomba from Super Mario Bros. a hater? What about Dodongo? Ah well, at least I can applaud this guy for coming up with his own Dugout screen name.

For my next tattoo, I’m going to get a cents sign, a half eaten bowl of quinoa, and one of the cars from Frogger.

[via Twitter]