The Redskins Tried Talking Trash On Twitter And Got Burned By The Carolina Panthers

The Redskins thought they’d do a little trash talking before facing off against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and sent out a tweet staking claim to the Panthers’ home state.

However, the Panthers responded in kind.

The tweet is a painful reminder to the Redskins and their fans about the problem the team’s name has become in recent years. Despite Matthew McConaughey thinking the name is alright, alright alright, many others including U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, President Barack Obama and numerous Native American tribal groups would prefer the team change its name.

Last year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office cancelled the team’s registration of “Redskins” and the team’s plans to possibly move back to their old field – RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. – suffered a significant setback this summer when The National Park Service refused to grant Washington D.C. a new lease. RFK sits on land owned by the federal government and is leased to the city, and the city would need an extension to build a new stadium or arena there. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s opposition to the team’s name was cited as one of the reasons for the refusal.

(Via SB Nation)