Watch Artist Heather Rooney Draw An Incredible Portrait Of LeBron James

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05.05.14 3 Comments
LeBron Portrait main


Last we checked in with artist Heather Rooney, I was expressing shock and disbelief over her incredibly, hand-drawn version of the Oscar selfie that somehow looked even better and more beautiful than the real thing. Not that the photo of some famous people was beautiful, but it had Channing Tatum in it, so it’s priceless at the very least. Heather’s hands and pencils have been busier than ever, as she continues to draw amazing portraits of famous people, from Vin Diesel and Rihanna, with plenty of Harry Potter characters in between, and then show us how difficult and intricate of a process this is in convenient video form.

Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, Heather used her fantastic talent to draw portraits of Miami Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and I assume that she wanted to sketch Chris Bosh as well, but she couldn’t get the ostrich to stand still. Yes, that’s a tired bad joke, but the Heat are going to win another title, so they can deal with it.

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