Let’s Watch This Compilation Of Baseball Managers Going Completely Insane


Professional baseball frowns upon many types of self expression, but before the installation of replay, managers were free to express their anger however they saw fit. They could act out an interpretive dance, belch a primal scream, or even collect all the bases and go home. There was really no limit to their creative expression.

The pacing of a baseball game coupled with the many objects on the field makes it a temper-tantrum utopia. Sure, it slows the game down, but managers pretending the beanbag behind the mound is a grenade and launching it toward an umpire is exactly the type of theater that should exist in minor-league baseball. Lou Piniella — and Lou Piniella’s belly — should make a return to baseball. The man needs another base to add to his already impressive collection.

So the next time you see a manager stomp his feet, throw his hat on the ground, or get up in an umpire’s face, remember all the brave men who came before him, acting like petulant children, all for the honor of a ball that was an inch or two farther in one direction than the umpire thought it was.

(Via Daily Motion)