Watch Hulk Hogan Flush His Remaining Dignity Before The Sex Tape Arrives

Right now you’re probably saying, “But With Leather, Hulk Hogan lost his dignity YEARS ago!” Yes, I’ve seen Mr. Nanny, but you can always give more.

What you’re watching is a clip from the #ChallengeHulk series, a YouTube channel of promotional videos from Hogan and weight loss product Body By Vi that are a lot like the show ‘Shaq Vs.’, except Hogan just stands in front of a green screen and challenges himself to be as pathetic as possible. In this installment, Hogan listens to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” once, puts on some props a lame person would have in a photo booth at a wedding and tells us that we need to respect everyone on the planet because he has the largest arms in the world. Or something.

My theory (as the headline suggests) is that our Ten Jokes To Tell About The Upcoming Hulk Hogan Sex Tape and its sequel made Hogan go “oh no, brother” and feel fear deep in his melting, leathery core, so he’s pulling a Tila Tequila and being as sad as possible every day so seeing him naked and humping will be an afterthought.

Either that, or his message to gay teens is, “it doesn’t get any better”.

[h/t John Canton]