Watch This College Basketball Player Shatter A Backboard On A Missed Dunk

11.25.15 4 years ago

If I were a basketball player, one of my biggest dreams would be to get a breakaway opportunity and throw down a huge slam that shatters the backboard with authority. UMass Lowell freshman Dontavious Smith nearly realized this dream during a recent game against Wheelock College, but he failed to execute a key part of the sequence… actually making the dunk.

After tipping a pass, Smith got the ball with nothing but open court in front of him. As he rose up to slam home the breakaway jam, he accidentally put the ball off back iron and, as he grabbed the rim, the entire hoop snapped off the backboard and sent shattered glass raining down to the floor below.

Fortunately, Smith didn’t appear hurt as a result of the freak play. He hopped up very quickly and seemed to be okay, but regret about not making the dunk probably set in while he was picking glass out of his uniform.

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