With Leather's Watch This: Deion Sanders Jr. Seems Humble And Grounded

Deion Sanders Tweeted this photo of his son, Deion Sanders Jr., in his dorm room, curled up in his Versace sheets. I believe that makes this the least surprising photo that the elder Sanders could have ever posted. I can only hope that Deion Jr. has an equal or greater talent for music than his father.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Game 1: Senators at Canadiens – 7 PM ET on CNBC

Game 2: Kings at Blues – 9:30 PM ET on CNBC

Game 2: Red Wings at Ducks – 10 PM ET on NBC Sports

One of my problems with this whole NBC rights deal with the NHL is that my natural predilection to ignore cable news channels makes it physically impossible to change the channel on my television to CNBC. Like, I want to watch the Blues continue to skate ass backwards into overtime victories against the Kings, but I don’t want to watch CNBC. I guess it could be worse, the deal could have games featured on MSNBC or Fox could have the rights and air games on Fox News.

I could, however, get over this superficial bias if CNBC would let Jim Cramer call games. That would be pretty amazing.

NBA Playoffs

Game 6: Nets at Bulls – 8 PM ET on TNT

Game 6: Nuggets at Warriors – 10:30 PM ET on TNT

I don’t care about these games. Make the Knicks and Celtics play tonight instead.

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