This Week In Awwwesome: Starling Marte Hung A Child's Drawing Up In The Pirates Dugout

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08.30.13 4 Comments

Pirates kid

As a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals *dodges tomatoes*, I’m generally considered one of the classier and more intelligent fans in baseball. That’s why I say with complete honesty that I wish that the Pittsburgh Pirates could be in the American League or even another National League division, because while it’s great to see that team winning and Pittsburgh BROS broing it up, I just can’t appreciate it because I still want my team to win the division.

But it’s hard not to appreciate it when the Pirates players (and sometimes even AJ Burnett) just seem so darn likable, as injured outfielder Starling Marte proved yesterday. When Marte noticed a young boy in the crowd holding a sign with a drawing of the outfielder and the message “Get better soon,” he took it from him and hung it up in the dugout.

It’s important to note that if I was a Cincinnati Reds fan, I probably would have written this as Marte stealing the sign from the young boy, but because I’m a Cardinals fan, I treated this story with the class and dignity it deserves.

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