This Week In YES PLEASE: There’s A Kickstarter For A New Mutant League Football Game

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09.19.13 4 Comments

Mutant League Football

Way, way, way, WAY back in January of 2012, when Amanda Bynes was still just that girl we kind of remembered from movies, my UPROXXian friend from another front end, Dan Seitz, brought to our attention the fact that the classic Sega Genesis game Mutant League Football made an appearance in EA Sports’ NFL Blitz. That was it, though, just a simple mention of that old football game on the jerseys of some zombies that you could unlock by finishing the Blitz Gauntlet mode of the game.

But now, the creator and lead designer of both Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey has launched a Kickstarter project to obtain the funds to bring his horror/pigskin hybrid back from the undead to once again be, um, undead. Michael Mendheim is currently putting together a team of designers to help bring us Mutant Football League, which will be a much bigger, grosser and generally more awesome version of the 1993 game.

His reason:

Over the last twenty years the press and fans of the original game (and the animated TV show) have kept the idea alive through online surveys, blogs, reviews and articles. Mutant League is always on the top 10 list of games people would like to see remade and for years fans and members of the gaming press have been asking me when the game will be resurrected.

While it would have been terrific to work with some of the talented individuals that are still at EA, I must say that we’re looking forward to having full creative control over a NEW storyline, characters and environments so that players can enjoy the absurdly grotesque, tongue-through-cheek, **monster-and-mutant, gameplay experience that we want to make.

What we can expect:

We are going to build a fluid and fun football game with an assortment of monsters and mutants of all types who will be the stars of the league. These stars will do anything to stay on top, including battling each other to death.

You can play the game alone or go head to head against your friends and enemies. Numerous options will allow you to adjust the length of game and level of violence. Players will be able to compete in a single game, play-offs or full season mode.

And of course you’ll still have to deal with the same weapons, traps and gruesome destruction of monsters that made the first version so lovable. Now I’m no big city slicker video game designer or nothing like that, but with only $20,000 raised and just 26 days left for his goal to raise $750,000, it doesn’t seem like Mendheim is going to hit his mark. But I’ve got me a Power Ball ticket that I feel pretty good about, so if I win the jackpot, I’ll go ahead and throw in for one of the “Call Overturned” packages.

Related: Here’s the intro to the Mutant League Football cartoon series. How f*cking terrifying was this? Try to imagine the sh*t storm this would cause today.

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