Weekend Picks: No Thanks, I Had A Big Lunch

At the end of each week, I pick the winners to the weekend’s anklegrabbingest matchups. We call it Weekend Picks. Home teams are in ALL CAPS. Img via.

Tonight: CAPITALS over Rangers.The Caps took Game 1 in OT. If they expect to avoid repeating their first-round exit from a year ago, they’ll have to get up 2-0 before heading to MSG.

CANUCKS over Blackhawks. The defending Stanley Cup champs barely made it into the playoffs. They’ve opened the postseason on the road, playing against a team that has quietly rocked the Western Conference this year.

Saturday: BRAVES over Mets. I’m not particularly a fan of this matchup for Atlanta. I’m just getting the Braves broken in as a future homer pick.

HEAT over Sixers. It’s the opening round of the NBA playoffs, and we’ll see if the so-called Big Three can take an early WHOA HOW DID THE SIXERS GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS?!

Sunday: CELTICS over Knicks. Wow, the Knicks are in the playoffs? The New York Knicks? I’ll never understand the NBA.

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