08.29.08 10 years ago 5 Comments

What to watch for in this weekend’s biggest matchups.  One side or another in ALL CAPS.

SUMMER over Autumn — Former Playboy model Summer Altice over Autumn Reeser, that is.  Ho ho!  See what I did there?

Labor Day over MEMORIAL DAY — Don’t mourn the end of summer; celebrate the beginning of football season.

CUBS over Phillies — Could be a critical weekend for the Phils.  Meanwhile, the Mets are coming off an off day to relax in Florida against the Marlins.  New York is going to have to work extra hard to blow the NL East title this year.

#20 Illinois over #6 Missouri — Last year I actually picked Appalachian State over Michigan (hey, even if I’m joking, it still counts), and since I don’t like App State against LSU, this is my choice for the opening weekend upset.  Somehow I get the feeling lightning won’t strike twice.

Lazing Around on the Beach over WORKING — See below.

That’s all for another grinding late-summer week.  I’m happy to report that the site will be dark on Monday,  but if you stop by there might be a little reward for you.

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