MMA Is Now Legal Everywhere But In That Weird New York Shaped Red Part

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06.06.13 10 Comments

Don’t worry, that headline’s not really supposed to make sense.

This is a map of the current legality of MMA in the United States and Canada. As of June 5, mixed-martial arts became legal in Canada, and Connecticut legislature voted to regulate it. If you were to, say, color every state, province or territory wherein MMA was legal one color (let’s say green) and color every state, province or territory wherein it was NOT a different color (let’s say bright red), you’d get an interesting graphic that does not necessary NOT look like North America with an anus.

Here’s what Dana White had to say when he tweeted it out, because of course he tweeted it out:

So it’s just you and the frozen plateaus of the arctic circle where nobody lives, New York.

The situation gets even sadder when you realize that in New York, the legality of MMA is such a non-issue that they can’t even be bothered to vote on it.

Time is running out in New York for this year. Legislation has passed in the state Senate the past two years. Last year, it stalled in the Assembly, not even making it to the floor for a vote,. The same looks to be happening this year, with the session ending on June 20..

“It was supposed to be heard yesterday in conference by the Democrats in the Assembly, but it wasn’t,” said Ratner.

“Next week, it’ll be heard. All we want is a vote. If we get out of the conference and have a vote, we’ll win. It would be very sad if it gets stuck in committee.” (via MMA Fighting)

So, uh … you guys wanna get on that, or what?

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