Who Knew The Middle East Could Be So Violent

08.01.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

Kuwait’s Hussain Busheri committed a foul on Bahrain’s Mohammed Buallay during the 13th Gulf Cooperation Council Junior Basketball Championship, and the resulting six-ish minute brawl helped illustrate what I’ve been saying for years – Bahrainian basketball players are nothing but classless thugs.

Just kidding. But it is sort of disheartening to watch an entire team sprint around a basketball court to chase one guy, knock him down and stomp him to death. The guy trying to throw a jump kick circa the one minute mark is my favorite. Or maybe it’s the Kuwaiti guy who has to be restrained, and he’s so angry he takes off one of his shoes. Just one of them. Actually, I take that back, the one guy in the building who acted like a rational human being is my favorite.

Man, that Cooperation Council is doing a terrible job. To put things into perspective, this happened with about two minutes left in the game. I’m sorry, did that not provide perspective?

[h/t It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

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