Why Michael Jordan And Charles Barkley Aren’t Friends Anymore And Likely Won’t Be Again Anytime Soon

“We’re not friends right now and I wish him nothing but the best. He’s like a brother to me, always will be.”

-Charles Barkley on Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley is paid for his opinions and he’s on TV (in large part) because he has no filter. And because of that, because he’s not afraid to speak his mind, because he’s not afraid to criticize people he knows, Charles Barkley won’t be friends with Michael Jordan again. At least not for the foreseeable future.

That’s the gist of Barkley’s interview (video above) with Campus Insider’s Seth Davis.

You can’t have a double standard for guys you like and dislike. I said Michael wasn’t doing a good job. He’s doing a great job now, they’ve gotten better, made some great signings, but they weren’t doing good and I didn’t think he had good people around him. And I said that because I was asked that question.

Say what you will about Charles Barkley but there may not be a more honest guy in the media today.

Here is Seth’s full interview with Barkley, it’s worth a listen.