Winning $1000 With FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Is Better Than Mike Trout

Pro Wrestling Editor

All right, that’s debatable. But hey, Mike Trout’s only making what, circa 400K this season? Even he could use a 998-dollar profit. Fantasy Baseball returns this week, giving you and 64 other people a chance to win money from a $1000 prize pool. All you’ve got to do to play is drop in 2 bucks. Or 6 bucks, if you want to run up to three teams. Very little bucks, is what I’m saying.

Here’s how to play:

Our fantasy game happens this Friday night (aka TONIGHT, GUY), so head on over now, sign up, draft your team and win some cash. I’ll be playing, as soon as I figure out how to draft Mike Trout 10 times. Why won’t it let me make him a pitcher? Mike Trout is probably a pretty good pitcher.

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